At the end of PM Modi and Vasundhara Raje’s public meeting, Modi said- Congress has handed over Rajasthan to robbers, rioters and criminals.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting at the end of Baran today. He said- India has completed 75 years of independence. Now we have the goal of developed India. The goal of developing India is incomplete without developing Rajasthan. But, as long as the three enemies of the country namely corruption, nepotism and appeasement are among us, it is difficult to fulfill this resolution. Congress is the biggest symbol of these three evils.

Modi said- Nowadays, Lal Diary of Rajasthan is most discussed. This year, as the pages of the red diary are opening, winds are blowing on the magician’s face. It is clearly written in the Lal Diary that how the Congress government has sold your water, forests and land in the last five years. You know more than me what happened in Surasena Godavan Sanctuary. It is not hidden from anyone to whom the strings of illegal mining are connected. I read somewhere that the Congress MLA has said about the minister here – ‘Bhaya re bhaya khub khaya. At least ate an entire village. Be it ministers or MLAs in Congress, everyone is unruly and the public is suffering.

Modi said- Congress has handed over Rajasthan to robbers, rioters, tyrants and criminals. That is why today every child of Rajasthan is saying, Gehlotji, who should I vote for? I have been watching videos of small children since a month. Children speak these sentences.

Modi said- The morale of anti-social forces is at its peak in Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, people’s throats are being slit openly and celebrations are being held. The entire country has seen what happened to Dalit youth in Jhalawar. In Rajasthan, famous for its Teej festivals, festivals like Ram Navami, Holi, Hanuman Jayanti became victims of riots. Can anyone forget what happened in Chhabra during the Congress government? Strict action should have been taken against these rioters. He should have been in jail. But here the Chhabra riots accused walks on the red carpet at the CM’s official residence. Along with the rioters, Congress ministers also stand firmly with those who commit atrocities on sisters and daughters.

Modi said- There has been a very serious increase in rape cases in Rajasthan in the last five years. Here, ministers close to the CM stand in the Assembly and give protection to such criminals. When our daughters of Rajasthan were calling the government for protection, the government was saying not to make false allegations. These Congress people do not even have time to see the tears of the daughters of Rajasthan. Are there such values ​​in our country, are there such values ​​in Rajasthan that any sister or daughter files fake cases. This is an insult to sisters and daughters. It is an insult to our culture. The honor of our mothers is hurt. What language are they speaking? Does the Congress government which cannot protect life, property and honour, have the right to exist even for a moment?

Modi said- Diwali has just passed. Our mothers and sisters work at home for 15-16 hours. She keeps the house clean every day, when Diwali comes she cleans every corner. This election is also Diwali, we all have to clean up together. This time make it so clear that Congress should not be left in any corner. You will learn something from these mothers and sisters, only then you will be able to celebrate Diwali.

Modi said- The people of Rajasthan know very well how the rapacious Congress government plays with the people. Congress had asked to reduce electricity bills here, but now Gehlot government is sending notices for recovery of electricity bills to thousands of brothers and sisters. This is the balloon of hypocrisy, deceit and lies of Congress.

Modi said- Due to the policies of Congress, today Rajasthan is one of those states where unemployment and inflation are highest. In Rajasthan, the BJP government had reduced the tax on petrol and diesel, but here too the Congress government has cut into people’s pockets by increasing the tax. Today there is BJP government in your neighborhood Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Haryana, petrol is cheap. But in Rajasthan, the Rajasthan government is looting about Rs 12 more per liter. I guarantee you that as soon as the BJP government is formed after December 3, the prices of petrol and diesel will be reviewed in public interest. The decision will be taken in public interest.

Modi said- Every poor person has some dreams in his eyes. There is hope for a better future. But, the paper leak mafia of Congress has shattered even these dreams of the poor. Paper leak mafia has sold each paper for lakhs. Congress leaders have also filled the coffers through transfer and posting of employees here. The black money earned from this is coming out of the lockers in Jaipur.

Modi said – Nowadays Congress people meet each other, they say – leave the elections, see if the locker is found out. Now he is neither worried about Rajasthan, nor worried about his own elections, he has to save his locker somehow. Modi has decided that each locker will be opened and the locker will be locked. Stacks of notes and bricks of gold. You must remember that this gold is not made of potatoes. This black gold is now not letting the magician sleep. This is just the beginning, there is a trailer, the full film is yet to come. After the formation of BJP government on December 3, this investigation is going to intensify further. No corrupt person who loots Rajasthan can escape.

Modi said- Whatever guarantee Modi gives, it remains fulfilled. Our aim is that no one should be deprived of the poor welfare schemes of BJP, for this we have started a big campaign Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra on 15th November. Modi’s guarantee is that every poor person should have a solid roof, cheap medicines and free treatment. Modi has also guaranteed free ration. Modi’s guaranteed vehicle is soon coming to your area to provide you the facilities which you have not yet availed of from the Central Government.

Modi said- Modi has opened the treasury of the government for all the tribal brothers and sisters including the Sahariya community. PM Jan Man Maha Yojana has been launched on 15th November. The BJP government at the Center is going to spend Rs 24 thousand crores on this scheme. A national campaign has also been started to eliminate sickle cell and anemia diseases in the tribal society. The BJP central government has opened more than 30 Eklavya schools for tribal children.

Modi said- Farmer welfare is one of the priorities of BJP. Oranges of Jhalawar are famous throughout the country. We are making efforts to ensure that Baran’s garlic tadka reaches India and abroad. Rajasthan BJP has also decided that after the formation of the government, the amount of PM Samman Kisan Nidhi will also be increased to Rs 12 thousand.

Modi said- The countdown for the Congress government in Rajasthan has started. Here the magician can do magic from all over the world, can do black magic, can do whatever wonders he wants to do, but no power of this magician can match the magic of the people of Rajasthan. As soon as the magician sees it, Congress will disappear on December 3.

Modi said- What kind of scams Congress has done in Chambal River Front is also not hidden from you. The bells which Congress tried to force open by putting pressure on the people, took away the life of a poor laborer and an engineer. Today people are openly alleging that the Gehlot government was pressurizing them to open for one hour on the voting day on 25th November. The BJP government formed in Rajasthan will not only investigate the accident but will also ensure justice to everyone.

Modi said- Here we say with great pride that Daal, Baati, Churma, Surma of Hadoti. But Congress has turned this land of warriors into an open field for rioters. PFI is a terrorist organization, the Government of India has banned it, but a PFI rally and procession is held in Kota. The Congress government is sleeping. The Congress government, a slave to appeasement, is afraid of terrorists and takes action against those who want the welfare of Rajasthan. Who should be given respect.

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