Bhai Dooj 2023: How to decorate puja thali on Bhai Dooj, know what are the correct rules of puja. Bhai Dooj 2023 what to keep in puja thali for bhaidooj tilak in hindi

The special festival of brother and sister i.e. Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on 15th November. This is the day when the sister prays to Yamraj for the long life of her brother. It is believed that the brother who goes to his sister’s house on this day and gets food after applying tilak, has a long life and it brings happiness in his life.

Pooja thali has special importance in any festival of Hindu religion. Our puja is completed only with the things kept in the puja thali. If the ingredients kept in the puja thali are not taken care of, our puja may remain incomplete. Like all festivals, the puja thali of Bhai Dooj is considered very special. Some such things must be kept in this plate, by keeping which we get auspicious results. Let us know what is the importance of this day and what are the very important things to keep in the puja thali of Bhai Dooj.

Keep these things in the puja thali of Bhai Dooj

  1. Coconut is the most important thing in the Bhai Dooj thali.
  2. After the coconut, keep dry fruits, batasha, a silver coin, Kalava, vermilion, flowers, betel nut and betel leaf in the plate.
  3. To apply Tilak to brother, keep water, roli, mouli rice, lamp and sweets to sweeten the mouth in another plate.

How to prepare puja thali for Bhai Dooj

  1. First of all, take a new plate and purify it with Ganga water.
  2. After this, keep any flower in the plate. Try to decorate the plate with marigold flowers only.
  3. After this, keep all the puja items in the plate – Roli, Kumkum, Akshat, Kalava, dry coconut, sweets etc.
  4. Then light a mustard oil lamp and perform brother’s aarti.
  5. After performing the Aarti of your brother, apply Tilak on his forehead and sweeten his face.
  6. After sweetening the mouth, give coconut as a gift to your brother.

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Be sure to take care of these things on the day of Bhai Dooj

  1. After applying Tilak to your brother, perform his Aarti at the end.
  2. Brother, while getting Tilak done, you must cover your head with a handkerchief while sitting.
  3. While applying tilak to your brother, keep the direction in mind. While doing Tilak, sit facing North-East direction only.
  4. On the day of Bhai Dooj, do not apply Tilak to your brother even by mistake during Rahukaal. Applying Tilak during Rahukaal is considered inauspicious.
  5. Sisters should not eat food before getting their brother’s tilak done. It is believed that on this day, sisters should eat food after feeding their brothers.
  6. On the day of Bhai Dooj, do not lie to anyone and brothers and sisters should not insult each other.
  7. Avoid fighting between brothers and sisters on the day of Bhai Dooj.

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