Children’s Day 2023: Childhood is a unique experience… Send these loving messages on Children’s Day. Children’s Day 2023 wishes quotes and messages for WhatsApp status in Hindi

Children's Day 2023: Childhood is a unique experience... Send these loving messages on Children's Day

Send these loving messages on Children’s DayImage Credit source: Freepik

In India, Children’s Day is celebrated every year on the birthday of the country’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. It is believed that Chacha Nehru had special love for children, hence this day is celebrated. On this special day for children, an attempt is made to tell them the importance of childhood. This is a golden period of our life which can be missed as much as we want. Children who live life with innocence win everyone’s heart with their simplicity.

There is a different enthusiasm among children for Children’s Day because programs or events are organized on this day. In which children give performances and are even given gifts. Due to Diwali holidays this is not happening in schools but greeting messages can be sent to make this occasion memorable. Remind elders of their childhood with these messages…

Send loving messages to your loved ones on Children’s Day

  1. Searching for mother as soon as she returns home, fighting with brother and sister over small matters. We are thankful for our childhood in which we found a unique world.
  2. Childhood is a wonderful treasure of happiness, which can never come back again. It is very difficult to forget it from memories. Happy Children’s Day 2023!!
  3. Take all this wealth and fame, even if you snatch our youth. But give back that monsoon of childhood, that paper boat, that rain water. Happy Children’s Day!!
  4. There was no reason to cry and no excuse to laugh. After all, why have we become so old? The times of childhood were better than this.
  5. There was no morning news, nor was there any evening news. We came back from school tired but we definitely had to go play. Happy Children’s Day 2023!!
  6. ‘We cannot shape our children as per our wish. We have to accept them in the same form in which God has given them to us. (Jawaharlal Nehru)
  7. It is said that every child is a flower and together they make this world a beautiful garden. Happy Children’s Day!!
  8. It was a mother’s story, love and fairy tales. Getting excited on every happy occasion is such a unique experience in childhood.
  9. The best moments in the world, the best days in the world and the most beautiful moments in the world are found only in childhood.
  10. Best wishes to all of you on this occasion of Children’s Day. If you are a parent then definitely live the childhood of your child with him. Happy Children’s Day 2023!!

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