Diwali Muhurat Trading: Rise in gold prices, how much money was earned from gold last Diwali. Diwali Muhurat Trading: gold prices rise, how much money earned from gold since last Diwali


Even though the price of gold on the country’s futures market Multi Commodity Exchange could not cross Rs 60 thousand. But during special trading, investors did not have to be disappointed compared to last Diwali. Gold prices on MCX were seen trading with a rise of more than Rs 100. On the other hand, silver was seen trading flat at Rs 70 thousand. Because it was Sunday, foreign markets remained closed. Due to which no impact was seen on the price of gold in the Indian futures market. Let us also tell you what kind of price of gold is being seen on MCX?

Increase in gold price

On Diwali special trading price of the country’s futures market MCX, at 7.10 pm, the price of gold is trading at Rs 59,743 per ten grams with an increase of Rs 84 per ten grams. Whereas during the trading session, the price of gold also reached the day’s high of Rs 59,779. However, during special trading today, gold opened with a fall at Rs 59,551. On Friday, gold prices closed at Rs 59,659 per ten grams. However, on the last Diwali, there was a decline in the price of gold and it closed at Rs 50,517 per ten grams.

Increase of more than 18 percent

By the way, whoever bought 10 grams of gold in the futures market on the day of last Diwali and kept it till this Diwali, that investor would have got a profit of more than 18 percent. On the day of last Diwali, gold was at Rs 50,517 per ten grams. Which went to high today with Rs 59,779. This means that from then till now the price of gold has seen an increase of Rs 9,262 per ten grams.

silver prices flat

On the other hand, during Diwali special trading, silver prices appeared flat. According to MCX data, the price of silver is trading at Rs 69,990 per kg with a slight fall of Rs 43. However, today the opening of silver was seen at Rs 70,160. During the trading session the price of silver also reached Rs 70,224. However, on Friday the price of silver had closed at Rs 70,033. However, on the last Diwali, the price of silver was Rs 57,525. This means that silver has given a return of 22 percent since then. This means that investors have seen an increase of more than Rs 12,000 on one kg of silver.

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