Fact Check: Fake post of Manmohan Singh’s name goes viral again


Investigation by Vishvas News found that the viral post in the name of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was fake. They have no handle.

New Delhi (Vishwas News). A screenshot of a fake post of the country’s former prime minister Manmohan Singh’s name is being circulated on various social media platforms. Users share it believing it to be true. Users claimed that this tweet was made by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
When Vishvas News investigated the viral post, it was found to be fake. Manmohan Singh has no X handler. This is a fake post.

what goes viral

Facebook user Ajit Chaudhary Shared a screenshot of a post on his account on November 14. Manmohan Singh’s picture is there in the screenshot. It also says, “Indians wanted temples and Congress kept building institutions like IITs, IIMs, colleges, hospitals, airports, railways, dams, ISRO for 70 years, which today have to be sold.”

viral post content Here It is written exactly as it is. Believing it to be true, other users also make it viral. See the archived version of the post here.

an investigation

To learn the truth about the viral post of the former prime minister’s name, we started by scanning it. Vishvas News started searching for the name @PMdrmanmohan appearing in the viral post of Manmohan Singh’s name. Follow us on X (formerly Twitter) as each handle I did not see. It was clear he was a mint. This post was created using editing tools. Second, if this was the former PM’s real handle, it would certainly have been verified.

Continuing the investigation, Vishvas News contacted Congress spokesperson Neeraj Mishra. He said this post is completely fake. The former prime minister does not have a profile on social networks. Manmohan Singh has never been active on social media.

Many times before, fake posts on behalf of Manmohan Singh have gone viral on social media. Which Vishvas News has also investigated from time to time. You can read it by clicking here.

At the end of the investigation, we had to find out who was the user who made former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s fake tweet go viral. Through a social scan of Facebook user Ajit Chaudhary, we found out that the user lives in Gurugram, Haryana. He has more than seven hundred friends. This account was created in April 2013.


Investigation by Vishvas News found that the viral post in the name of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was fake. They have no handle.

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