Fact Check: This claim that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was hit is false


New Delhi (Vishvas News). A false claim about India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is circulating on social media. Social media users are sharing an old picture of Pandit Nehru and claiming that Pandit Nehru was slapped by a saint named Swami Vidyanand Vide. The viral picture was allegedly clicked when Nehru was about to react after the slap but was caught.

Vishvas News in its investigation found this claim to be false. This photograph of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is from the Congress session held in Patna in January 1962, before the China War, where he was moving to stop a rioting crowd when a security guard grabbed him from behind.

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Facebook user Sanjay Prashant (Sanjay Prashant) shared this photo on November 15 and wrote along with it, “When Nehru was hit hard on the face by Swami Vidyanand Vide. Reason.. Nehru said in his speech at a function that the people of Hindu Arya Samaj were refugees in India. On hearing this, Swami Vidyanand Vide Ji who was the chief guest at that function got up and gave Nehru a sharp blow by slapping him on the scene itself. He did so and seizing the microphone said that the people of the ‘Arya Samaj’ are not refugees, they are our ancestors and the natives of this country. Your own ancestors are ‘Arabs’ and you have ‘Arab’ blood flowing in your body .You are not the original inhabitants of this great country…you are a refugee….Also said that “If only Sardar Patel was the Prime Minister of this country then we would not have to see all this.” (Rare photo of the moment , in which chaos broke out on the stage, which the photographer managed to hide with great difficulty by hiding the film roll in his pants)”

Archived version of this post Here Can be seen.

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This claim had also gone viral with this photo once before. At that time Vishvas News also published this Test I did. When this claim was searched using the keywords given in the viral post, we found out that this picture was shared with this claim on social media for a long time.

When Vishvas News searched Google Lens for this photo, we found this viral photo. Outlook A picture related to Pandit Nehru was found in the website gallery of. Crediting the AP for this photo, the Outlook wrote, “Nehru was stopped as he walked in front of the rioting crowd.” Nowhere was there any mention of a slap.

When we search with keywords in Google Open Search, we get this picture AP Also found in the archive presented on the website. The AP website says this photo is from January 1962, before the war in China. This photo was taken during the Congress Party meeting in Patna. According to the AP, a security guard grabbed Nehru to save him from the rioting crowd.

Investigation by Vishvas News has so far proved that this photograph of Pandit Nehru is from the Congress session held in Patna and Nehru was not hit by anyone but rather was stopped from entering the crowd.

Swami Vidyanand Vide’s name is mentioned in the viral post. When we googled, we found out that he is the founder of Veda Sansthan. when he found us Veda Institute (veda-sansthan.org)’s website was found. We have found the biography of Swami Vidyanand Videha on this website. Nowhere in this biography is there any mention of an incident like the viral claim related to Pandit Nehru. If such an incident had occurred, it would surely have been mentioned in this biography or in some authentic media report. However, we did not find such an authentic report.

Vishvas News spoke to veteran journalist Rashid Kidwai, who covers the Congress, about this viral claim. He told us, “The photo shared in the post was taken during a Congress Party meeting in Patna, Bihar in 1962. The photo shows a security guard restraining Jawaharlal Nehru from targeting a rioting crowd at a meeting in Patna. There is no confirmed news report indicating that Swami Vidyanand Vide slapped Jawaharlal Nehru at a public event.

Vishvas News scanned the profile of Facebook user Sanjay Prashant who shared this viral claim. User is a resident of Arrah, Bihar.


Fact Check: This statement about Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is false

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