Good news will be received in 30-40 hours… Big update on the workers trapped in the tunnel. uttarkashi tunnel collapse nodal officer neeraj khairwal gave information regarding rescue of workers stwas

Good news will be received in 30-40 hours... Big update on workers trapped in tunnel

Today is the 10th day of Uttarakhand tunnel accident.

It has been 10 days since the tunnel accident in Uttarkashi. The workers are still trapped inside the tunnel. Food, water and medicines are being supplied to the workers through 6 inch pipes. At the same time, they are being continuously talked to through walkie-talkie. Meanwhile, a relief news has come. This relief news has been given by Nodal Officer Neeraj Khairwal. Neeraj Khairwal said that the rescue operation is going on continuously. It can be successfully eliminated in the next 30 to 40 hours. For this, all the teams are working with full dedication. Now the country is hopeful of getting good news about the tunnel accident soon.

Nodal officer of Uttarkashi Rescue Mission, Neeraj Khairwal said that the rescue work is going on at a fast pace. Rescue is going on on five fronts. Solid food is being supplied to the workers as per the instructions of the doctors through a six-inch life support pipeline laid across the tunnel by the rescue team yesterday. At the same time, efforts to evacuate the workers safely are also going on at a rapid pace.

Vertical rescue work started, drilling in tunnel from Barkot side also

The rescue process has also started in a vertical manner. Now the machine has been sent to the top of the mountain, due to which the work of drilling from the mountain has started. The workers will be reached after drilling approximately 250 meters from top to bottom. At the same time, drilling work is going on in the tunnel from Barkot side also. About 470 meters of drilling will be done. However, rescue operations are continuing as before from Silkyara.

These officers are present at the spot

In this entire rescue operation, the nodal officer for coordination Neeraj Khairwal, District Magistrate Uttarkashi Abhishek Ruhela, SP Uttarkashi Arpan Yaduvanshi and top officials and experts of other agencies are engaged in the rescue work on the spot. Now the hope is that all 41 laborers will be evacuated safely as soon as possible.

First video of workers surfaced, all are safe

Let us tell you that a video of 41 laborers trapped in the tunnel has been released, in which all of them are seen safe. In this video, workers are seen standing together in the tunnel and talking to each other. Meanwhile, Khichdi was sent to the workers last Monday night through a six-inch pipeline laid through the debris. Khichdi was packed in wide mouth plastic bottles and delivered to the workers.

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