Guterres is not worthy of leadership, Israel’s Foreign Minister attacks UN Chief. he is not deserve to lead un Israeli minister on un secretary general antonio guterres

Guterres is not worthy of leadership, Israel's Foreign Minister attacks UN Chief

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. (file photo)

Israel’s Foreign Minister Eli Cohen fiercely attacked UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in Geneva. He called on the UN chief to resign last month in response to his criticism of Israel. Cohen is visiting the United Nations in Geneva and taking part in meetings with the International Committee of the Red Cross and the World Health Organization.

Eli Cohen said that Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is not fit to lead the United Nations. Guterres did not promote any peace process in the region. Like all independent nations, Guterres must say loud and clear, ‘Liberate Gaza from Hamas’.

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Strong criticism of Israel

His response came after Guterres strongly criticized Israel last month, saying the crimes committed by Hamas could not be justified by anything but were in reaction. Earlier this month, Guterres expressed his anguish over a suspected airstrike on an ambulance convoy outside al-Shifa hospital in Gaza.

After the attack on Al-Ahli hospital, the UN chief posted on his social media handle, I am horrified by the killing of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in the attack on a hospital in Gaza, which I strongly condemn.

Hospitals and water plants lose electricity

Underscoring the grave humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with reports of short supplies of food, water, medicine and fuel for hospitals and water plants, Guterres said there was almost enough food, water and fuel to meet people’s needs. Medicine is not coming. Hospitals and water plants are running out of electricity.

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Responding to Guterres’ statement, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan took a dig at the UN Secretary-General for being quick to condemn Israel without a full understanding of the situation.

Accused of ignoring ambulance misuse

Citing the UN chief’s comments on a previous suspected airstrike on Gaza’s al-Ahli hospital, he accused Guterres of making false claims about aid not reaching Gaza and the alleged use of ambulances by Hamas to further its nefarious activities. Accused of ignoring abuse.

Additionally, Foreign Minister Cohen, during a meeting with Mirjana Spoljarić Egger, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), also demanded that the International Committee of the Red Cross use all channels to ensure access to those held hostage by Hamas. Work through.

attempt to meet hostages

Cohen said that we expect the Red Cross to keep this issue at the top of the organization’s priority list, use all levels of pressure, and will not rest until it has met all the hostages, their Does not assess the situation and ensure that they are receiving medical care.

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