How china won a war against air pollution know how china air quality improved | How China won the war against pollution, know why there is no smog there now?

Recently, a blanket of smog was spread in Delhi due to stubble burning in neighboring states. The overall air quality index in Delhi had reached above 400. Although the rain two days ago may have cleared the sky, no one can predict accurately how long it will last. In fact, now the cold is also about to knock, in such a situation the smog and poisonous winds in the sky will deepen rapidly. Similar situation used to happen in China also. China has now completely controlled smog. We also need to learn a lot from China.

If we talk about five years ago, air pollution was a big problem in China. Even the sky was not visible due to the fog. Schools and colleges were closed and everyone was advised to wear masks. The situation became such that the sun was not visible for many days. This situation of China was discussed all over the world and the government had to face criticism. In the last five years, PM2.5 (particulate matter 2.5) in China has reduced by one-third. The situation had become so bad that every year 5 lakh people were dying due to air pollution.

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What is particulate matter?

Particulate matter is dangerous fine particles present in the air. When it exceeds 2.5, the air becomes poisonous. Particulate Matter 2.5 are extremely small particles, which are 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair. They enter our body through air and form a layer on the lungs, due to which there is difficulty in breathing.

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National Air Quality Action Plan implemented in China

In view of the rapidly worsening situation, China implemented the National Air Quality Action Plan in 2013. For this, schemes worth Rs 19 thousand crore were approved by the government and they were immediately implemented. Although these schemes increased the problems of some people, the government stuck to its decision. Know which steps China took…

  • Old and useless vehicles were completely removed from the road. The number of cars in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou was reduced.
  • First of all, all the air polluting factories were shifted from North China and East China to other places. Many factories were completely closed.
  • Many types of corridors were created for fresh air in the cities, in which a large number of trees were planted.
  • Orders were issued to completely stop the use of coal in factories. Approval of any new plant was stopped.
  • Emphasis was laid on installing air purifiers in homes.

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There is a ban on stoves, factories closed

In 2013, coal was used to fuel more than 4 million homes, schools and hospitals in Beijing. Its use was increasing rapidly to escape the cold. The government banned it with one of its orders and replaced it with natural gas or heaters. After the government’s decision, factories were closed on a large scale in Beijing. The number of factories closed in the year 2014 was 392. In these factories everything from cement, clothes to chemicals were produced.

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