Israel gaza war latest update what pm benjamin netanyahu plan about gaza | So will Israel now control Gaza? This is the plan after eliminating Hamas

So will Israel now control Gaza?  This is the plan after eliminating Hamas

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More than a month has passed since the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. On October 7, Palestine’s terrorist group Hamas had declared war on Israel by firing more than 5000 rockets simultaneously. In this massacre carried out by Hamas terrorists, 1400 people died while 240 Israeli citizens were taken hostage. In response to Hamas’ attack, Israel also intensified air strikes on Gaza. The situation became so bad that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even vowed to completely eliminate Hamas.

The name of Gaza Strip came into the headlines in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Actually, this is the same place where Hamas has set up its headquarters. Hamas terrorists are reportedly Palestinians who have now become extremists. Israel’s sharp attacks have now broken the back of Hamas fighters. Many leaders of terrorists have been killed and most of the hideouts have been destroyed. However, Gaza’s dense population is still coming in the way of Israeli soldiers. Hamas terrorists are attacking the Israeli army under the cover of this population. The Israeli Army knows that Hamas terrorists can use civilians as human shields. This is the reason why a large number of innocent people are being killed in Gaza. In such a situation, the question is now arising that if Israel wins the war, how will it behave with the people living in Gaza and what will it do with this entire area.

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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s planning revealed

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that after winning the war against Hamas fighters, the entire responsibility for the security of Gaza will remain with Israel forever. Israel’s Defense Minister has also said that after the end of the war, the Israeli army will take control of Gaza. It is clear from Netanyahu’s statement that Israel now wants to maintain its administration in Gaza Strip also. The biggest reason for this is the extremist groups emerging from Palestine. Israel does not want any terrorist group to emerge from Gaza again. If Israel wins the war, the Israeli government will have control over a 41 kilometer radius of Gaza.

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How are Palestinians treated?

After the end of the war between Israel and Hamas, how Israel will behave with the people living in Gaza Strip can be estimated by looking at the Palestinians living in Israel. The population of Palestinians in Israel is about 20 percent. Palestinians who demanded Israel to be a separate country first had to live under military rule. It was much like the West Bank. However, there was a lot of change in the 60s and their situation improved a lot. They started meeting people living in Israel and also started celebrating festivals with them. Palestinians are still treated differently in Israel. The Law of Return has been made for them, under which Jews from all over the world can come and settle in Israel but there is no exemption for Palestinians. Not only this, through the Admission Committee Law 2011, an attempt has also been made to differentiate between the property of Jews and Palestinians. The Israeli government is trying its best to maintain differences between Israeli and Palestinian citizens.

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More than 11 thousand people have died

More than 11 thousand Palestinian civilians have died so far in the ongoing war between Israel and Gaza. According to the data given by the Health Ministry, 11,078 people have died since the attack by Hamas fighters on October 7. More than 1,400 people have been killed in Israel, most of whom were killed on the first day of the Hamas attack. Whereas since the beginning of the ground attack, 41 Israeli soldiers have been killed in Gaza.

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