Kumbh Saptahik Rashifal: This week will be a little soft for Aquarius, misunderstandings between husband and wife will be removed. Kumbh Saptahik Rashifal 13 To 19 November 2023 Weekly Aquarius Horoscope in Hindi


Kumbh Saptahik Rashifal 13 To 19 November 2023: The transit of planets in the beginning of the week will be full of struggle for you. You will feel tired due to excessive busyness in important work. Social public relations will increase. There are chances of some auspicious function or celebration taking place in the family. Avoid excessive sentimentality. By working in a planned manner in the work field, there will be chances of profit and progress. You will receive support from well-meaning friends. Try to solve personal problems.

The time in the middle of the week will bring general profit and progress for you. There will be signs of success in important tasks. Can start some new work. There will be chances of getting support from relatives and close friends. Positive changes will be seen in the work field. People will be impressed by your working style and will praise you. There will be chances for the desired work which was already pending to be completed.

At the end of the week, time will be more beneficial for you. Solutions to existing problems will emerge. Familiarity with new high-ranking people in the society will increase. People will be impressed by your lifestyle. Don’t let your patience and confidence diminish. People working should try to avoid diplomacy from others. Do not take any big decision under the influence of people. People doing business will benefit if they work in a strategic manner. Don’t let your work efficiency diminish.

How will your life be this week?

  • There may be a conflictual situation in love relationships in the beginning of the week.
  • There will generally be happiness between husband and wife in married life.
  • Social responsibilities may increase.
  • You will get desired success in love relationships in the middle of the week.
  • Your mind will be happy after meeting your special friends.
  • There are chances of going on a trip to some tourist place with friends.
  • Misunderstandings between husband and wife can be resolved in married life.
  • Be cautious during conversation and speak measuredly, otherwise your relationships may get spoiled.
  • At the end of the week, the indifference of people involved in love affairs may increase.
  • In married life, your spouse’s attraction towards you may decrease.
  • Keep your behavior positive.

How will your health be this week?

Time parallels will not be good in the beginning of the week. There will be less possibility of any major health related problem etc. Take full care of physical health. Do not take health related problems lightly in the middle of the week. Resolve them quickly. Try to avoid stress. You should avoid heavy food. There may be some increase in health concerns during the weekend. Be aware of stomach diseases like indigestion, gas, headache. Be careful about your food.

Do these measures this week

Eat sweet food and get it done. Give half of the sweet water to the Sun. Donate as directed in a religious place. Cover only your head with a khaki colored cap.

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