Let people die… PM Rishi Sunak’s statement created uproar in Britain, know the whole matter. British PM Rishi Sunak said government should let people die COVID inquiry report


Let people die...PM Rishi Sunak's statement created uproar in Britain, know the whole matter

British PM Rishi Sunak

A statement by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has created an uproar throughout Britain. The matter is three years old but the uproar over it is new. Media reports have claimed that during the Corona epidemic, Rishi Sunak had said, ‘It is better to let some people die than lockdown’. This claim has been made by none other than Sunak’s senior advisor Dominic Cummins.

According to media reports, former Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance has noted this statement of Sunak in his diary. Vallance has said these things quoting Dominic Cummins. In fact, during the meeting on Corona, when Cummins asked whether a national lockdown should be imposed or not, Sunak said that it is better to let some people die than imposing a lockdown.

2,20,000 deaths due to corona in Britain

Let us tell you that Vallance mentioned the meeting held on May 4, 2020. Actually, when Rishi Sunak made this statement, he was the Chancellor. There is an uproar in British politics regarding this revelation about Sunak. Meanwhile, PM Sunak’s spokesperson said that the Prime Minister will give some statement on this only after presenting the evidence. Let us tell you that more than 2,20,000 people have died due to Corona in Britain.

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