Lion, Madman and Trump… How did Argentina’s new President Milley get so many names? Know their story. Why Argentina president elect Javier Milei have many name like The lion the wig the warrior and trump

Lion, Madman and Trump... How did Argentina's new President Milley get so many names?  Know their story

Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milla.

The Lion, the Madman, the Wig and Trump… Javier Milli, the right-wing leader who won Argentina’s presidential election, is known by many such names. Milley calls himself an anarchocapitalist. Many times he is compared to former US President Donald Trump. The names Millei got also have their own story. Which was given sometimes on the basis of his behavior and sometimes on the basis of his way of working.

Recently, during the presidential elections, his strange clothes and statements were in discussion in the rallies. Know by what names Millei is known and what is its story.

What is the story of their names?

Miley referred to himself as The Lion on several occasions. Gradually this name became his identity. He likes to call himself The Lion. Due to his fiery nature and strange hair style, he is also known as The Wig. Miley herself had given a reason for this. She had said in an interview that ‘she had stopped combing her hair at the age of just 13.’ This also shows his rockstar image because in his free time he also performs with the band.

People named him The Madman. There are many reasons for this also.Miley is known for his strange statements. Many times he publicly said that humans should be allowed to sell their vital organs. Apart from this, it has been claimed in many reports that they take advice from their dead dogs. Due to strange advice, he arrived at election rallies wearing strange clothes. Due to his capitalist thinking, he is also called the Trump of Argentina.

Argentina President Elect Javier Milei

Xavier Millei.

The statement that was discussed

According to ABC News report, He made many such statements which created controversy. Milley advocated privatization of rivers, making the US dollar its currency, and a number of government departments.Advocated closure and selling of body organs to humans. Apart from this, he also gave controversial statements on Pope Francis and footballers.

Before entering politics, Miley was an economist by profession and worked as Chief Economist at Corporation America. It is among the largest companies in Argentina.

Father once said, you will die of hunger

Miley may be financially prosperous today, but her father was a driver. His father, who was struggling with financial constraints, gradually started the transport business and it became successful. However, the relationship between Miley and her father has not been cordial.

Miley had said in an interview that due to family discord, she never got the love of her mother and father. Father used to say that you cannot do anything in life, you will die of hunger. Mieli, fond of football, started taking interest in economics at an early age. After completing his studies, he became a professor of Economics. Apart from universities, he was associated with many institutions as an economist. After this he started his innings in politics.

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