Parents responsible for children’s suicide, Supreme Court on Kota suicide. Supreme court blames parents for Kota suicides, refuses to rein in coaching centers

Parents responsible for children's suicide, Supreme Court on Kota suicide

Supreme Court

Kota Suicide Case: In the Kota suicide case, the Supreme Court has held the parents of the children responsible. During the hearing on a petition, the court said that only the parents are responsible for the scale at which children are committing suicide in Kota. With this the court refused to rein in the coaching centres. Let us tell you that so far this year 24 children have committed suicide in Kota.

The Supreme Court said that children embrace death because of the wishes of their parents. Parents expect more from their children than their capabilities. Due to this, children come under pressure and take steps like suicide. The top court was hearing the petition of Mumbai-based doctor Anirudh Narayan Malpani, who had held coaching centers responsible for the suicide of children.

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The fault lies not with the coaching institutes but with the parents – SC

Along with this, in his petition he had also talked about maintaining minimum standards in coaching institutes. The court refused to make a law regarding this. The bench headed by Justice Sanjeev Khanna said that the fault lies with the parents of the children and not with the coaching institutes. Let us tell you that the age of the children who committed suicide in Kota is between 14-16 years.

This year 24 students have committed suicide

Let us tell you that this year 24 students who came for NEET and JEE coaching in Kota, Rajasthan have committed suicide. This figure is the highest in the last 8 years. Special recommendations have also been made to coaching institutes to prevent suicide cases. Despite this, there is no decline in suicide cases.

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