Rajasthan: Congress released manifesto, promised to increase Chiranjeevi’s amount to Rs 50 lakh, will make law on MSP


Congress released its manifesto in Rajasthan on Tuesday. It has been named Public Manifesto-2. The party promised to increase the amount of Chiranjeevi Health Protection Insurance from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 50 lakh. Voting will be held on 199 seats in the state on November 25.

Talked about creating 10 lakh new jobs for the youth. These also include 4 lakh new government jobs. It has been promised to make a law to buy crops from farmers at the minimum support price and to provide interest-free loans up to Rs 2 lakh to the farmers. Along with this, a promise has also been made to provide interest free loans up to Rs 5 lakh to the village traders. Merchant credit card will be made on the lines of Kisan Credit Card.

Main points of the manifesto

– Will bring a law to buy crops at minimum support price. All farmers will be provided interest free agricultural loan facility up to Rs 2 lakh from cooperative banks. Will present a detailed plan for systematic implementation of ERCP.

-Will create one million employment opportunities in five years. Of these, 4 lakh will be recruited in government jobs. Will bring recruitment scheme at Panchayat level, in which these employees will be gradually merged into government vacancies and employment will be provided at the grassroots level.

-To increase the safety of women, CCTV cameras will be installed in public places. Security guards will be appointed in every village and ward. We will reduce the time taken in investigation to provide immediate justice in sexual harassment cases. In addition to the existing discount on roadways buses, a free coupon will be given every month for free travel.

-Caste based census will be conducted to provide benefits on the basis of actual population for policy making based on the spirit of equal social welfare for all sections of the society.

-Under the Chiranjeevi scheme, the insurance amount will be increased from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 50 lakh. IVF package will be made available free of cost to provide relief to couples who are deprived of child happiness.

-By bringing Education Guarantee Act, education will be provided up to 12th instead of 8th under RTE.

-The number of working days under MNREGA scheme will be expanded to 150. The number of working days in Indira Gandhi Urban Guarantee Scheme will be increased to 150. Merchant credit card scheme will come. In this, interest free loan of Rs 5 lakh will be available.

-Amendment of law to include auto-taxi drivers in the Gig Workers Welfare Act.

-Law will be made to continue OPS. There will be a provision for the fourth selected pay scale after the selected pay scale (9-18-27). Will solve the salary related problems of employees of various departments including the Ministry.

-2 A special development authority will be formed for the nearest cities. Will bring accountability law and automatic service delivery law. Such villages and hamlets, where the population is more than 100 persons, will be connected by road.

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