Rajasthan: Minor gang-raped in a car with posters of Congress candidate, 3 arrested. Didwana district minor harassment in car three arrested


Rajasthan: Minor gang-raped in a car with posters of Congress candidate, 3 arrested

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An incident of gang rape of a minor girl has come to light in Didwana district of Rajasthan. Three accused took her to a deserted place and committed a heinous crime with a minor girl. After this, they threw the minor out of the house in an unconscious state and went away. Police investigation revealed that the crime was committed in a car involved in the campaign of Congress candidate Mukesh Bhakar from Ladnun. Considering the seriousness of the case, the police have arrested two accused. A minor accused has also been detained.

According to the information, on Monday the victim along with her father went to Ladnun police station and filed a report about the gangrape that happened to her. The minor told the police that last night three people kidnapped him and took him with them. The accused took him to a deserted place. Where she was gang raped. Later, he left the unconscious person outside the house and ran away.

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Medical examination of the victim was done

Considering the seriousness of the incident, the police have informed the higher authorities about the matter. Also, Ladnun police has started investigating the case. The police has also got the victim’s medical done. While investigating on the basis of the report, the police have arrested two accused in the case. Also a minor has been detained. Police said that the victim is still being interrogated further. The matter is being processed.

Angry local people protested

At the same time, after this incident, angry local people protested a lot. Slogans were raised loudly against the police administration and government. Taking the matter seriously, the police investigated and arrested the accused. After this the local people stopped the protest. At the same time, the local people are very scared after the incident.

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