Shahrukh appeared in a 10-minute cameo, how is Hrithik Roshan’s role in Tiger 3? , Tiger 3 Salman Khan Film Release war actor Hrithik Roshan Role in Superstar Movie fans

Shahrukh appeared in a 10-minute cameo, how is Hrithik Roshan's role in Tiger 3?

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There was discussion about Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 for a long time. Now his film has been released and is also earning huge money. The collection of the film is going well. Salman Khan’s film has earned more than Rs 100 crore in two days. There were reports that Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan also have a cameo in the film. There is discussion everywhere about Shahrukh’s cameo, but let us know what is the role of Hrithik Roshan in the film.

This film has been included in YRF’s spy series. Many films are being added to it. Hrithik Roshan’s cameo was seen in Pathan, hence Shahrukh Khan also has a 10-minute role in the film. In this he is seen doing tremendous action. Let us tell you that Salman Khan was also seen in his character of Tiger 3 for some time in Shahrukh’s film Pathan. Apart from this, there were also speculations that Hrithik Roshan from War will also have a cameo in this film. Fans were very curious about this also. Hrithik was seen in the film but it was not as expected.

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Hrithik’s fans disappointed

Talking about the film, the fans got a lot of relief after seeing the tremendous action of Shahrukh Khan in this Salman Khan film. But Hrithik had no contribution in the film. He has just one appearance at the end of the film in which he is seen promoting his upcoming film War 2. This means that he is not a part of Tiger’s film yet.

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may be a part in future

But nothing can be said about the future. YRF is working on a large scale. In such a situation, films of many big superstars are being joined. When Salman and Hrithik can be seen in Pathan, when Shahrukh can be seen in Tiger 3, then who knows, Hrithik Roshan may also join this film in the upcoming parts. At present, if we talk about Tiger 3, the way this film’s earnings have started, it remains to be seen whether this film becomes the fourth Rs 500 crore earning film of the year 2023 or not.

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