The miscreants looted the car, first tricked the car owner into stopping him, then ran away after looting the car.

Three miscreants looted a car in Ringas area of ​​Sikar. The miscreants first tricked the car owner into stopping him and then looted the car and ran away. At present the Ringas police is busy investigating the case.

Lokesh Kumar, a resident of Shrimadhopur area, gave a report in Ringas and said that at around 9:20 pm on 7th November, he was standing at Khatu turn of Ringas with his EcoSport car. Meanwhile, three boys came there and told Lokesh to leave Khatushyamji, we will give you 500 rupees. In such a situation, Lokesh took all three of them and left from there.

One of the three boys near Lampuwa asked to go to the toilet. In such a situation, Lokesh stopped the car on the roadside, after which the three youths started beating Lokesh and threw him under the car and ran away with the car. Lokesh told that his mobile and other documents were also in the same car.

Lokesh says that when he got the footage of CCTV cameras installed in the area checked at his level, he came to know that after robbing the car, the miscreants had come towards Ringas. According to Lokesh, he had purchased a new model of the car and till now three to four installments have been deposited. Lokesh says that after listening to the voices of the three miscreants sitting in the car, it did not seem at all that they were residents of the surrounding area. At present, Ringas police have registered the case and started investigation.

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