The thief entered the shop with a black towel on his face and ran away with thousands of cash. vaishali crime thief entered shop black gum face escaped cash cctv-stwma

The thief entered the shop with a black towel on his face and escaped with thousands of cash.

Thief stealing with a towel over his face

An unknown thief stole the money from the sale of goods on Diwali from the shop. The video of the thief committing the theft was recorded in the CCTV footage. In the video the thief is wearing a black scarf. The shopkeeper informed the police about the theft incident. Police has started searching for the thief through CCTV footage. At the same time, people are feeling unsafe due to incidents of theft during festivals.

The news is from Vaishali, Bihar, where an unknown thief stole from a grocery shop in ward number five of Azizpur Chande Panchayat of Mahisaur police station area. The thief’s act of theft was captured in the CCTV camera installed in the shop. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police of Mahisaur police station reached the spot and informed the grocery shopkeeper about the incident. During the investigation, the police examined the CCTV footage installed in the shop. In the CCTV footage, the thief is seen stealing from the shop.

Committed the theft by wearing a black towel

Shopkeeper Sanjeev Kumar told that he reached the shop in the morning. When he checked the money to bring the shop’s goods, the money was not in the bag. When he checked the CCTV footage installed at the shop, he saw that a thief was stealing from the shop. The thief also took out money from the bag. Sanjeev told that an unknown thief stole cash and some goods worth about Rs 10,000 from his shop. When the thief came to steal, he was wearing a black scarf to hide his identity.

Reached the shop from the second floor of the house

It is seen in the footage that the thief is looking at the grocery items from the shop, then he is taking out money one by one from the shop’s galla and keeping it in his pocket. According to grocery shopkeeper Sanjeev Kumar, the thief climbed alabaster from the adjacent 2-storey house and entered the room at around 2 o’clock in the night. He entered the shop from the room and committed the theft. As soon as the information about the theft in the grocery shop was received, a large crowd of people gathered nearby.

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