To look beautiful, a woman got surgery done so many times, her skin ‘died’, now people turn their faces the moment they see it! , Woman had over 200 plastic surgery procedures so her skin died

To look beautiful, a woman got surgery done so many times, her skin 'died', now people turn their faces the moment they see it!

The woman underwent surgery 200 times (Photo: Instagram/the_glamorousmonique)

There are many people in the world who have a passion to look different and to fulfill that passion, they are ready to go to any extent. Beauty is also included in the list of people’s passions. In fact, there are many women in the world who have resorted to plastic surgery to look beautiful and have completely changed their appearance, so that people who see their old form are unable to recognize them. One such woman is being discussed a lot these days, who got plastic surgery done so many times to look beautiful that now she has to suffer the consequences.

Female name: Monique A. Allen (Monique A Allen) Is. Monique, a resident of California, is obsessed with plastic surgery. Till now, she has undergone plastic surgery about 200 times on different parts of her body, which includes everything from mouth, nose to hands, legs and butt. According to the report of Daily Star, Monique has undergone nose surgery not only 2-4 times but 24 times. On social media, he has told the whole story of the results of his surgery and what has happened to him because of it.

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Plastic surgery made me handicapped

Monique says that due to many surgeries the skin on her feet has died. The surgery has made him handicapped. Now she can’t even walk properly. She has told in an interview that she had got silicone implants done several times to make her butt bigger, but the result was that those implants gradually moved downwards. Apart from this, she also got lip filler done to make her lips beautiful, but this surgery also proved useless for her. Due to lip fillers her lips look very bad.

Now I regret the decision

She says that she had undergone surgery to enhance her beauty, but now her appearance has become like that of a clown. Wherever she goes, people keep staring at her with evil eyes. Now Monique regrets a lot as to why she got the surgery done?

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