Vasundhara Raje lashed out at the Congress government, said – shining faces do not last long.

Jaipur. Former Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje has once fiercely attacked the Congress government. These days Vasundhara Raje is on a tour of Hadoti division and is holding meetings in many assemblies. The former CM is also lashing out at Ashok Gehlot in her meetings. The former CM said during a program that the ERCP project was started by the BJP government, which will now be completed by the BJP government. He said that our job is to take forward the schemes for the benefit of the public, whereas the job of Gehlot government is to stall them.

‘Shining faces don’t last long’
Vasundhara Raje said that the BJP government will come and create such a system that papers will never be leaked. He said that the shining stars seen in politics do not last long. In politics, the shine of those who are straightforward and simple is permanent. The former CM, while addressing the workers’ conferences in support of BJP candidates Kanwar Lal Meena, Lalit Meena, Radheshyam Bairwa and Pratap Singh Singhvi in ​​Baran-Atru, Anta, Bandra, Kishanganj and Chhabra, took on the Congress fiercely.

BJP is the largest party in the world
Former CM Raje said that BJP is the largest party in the world under the miraculous leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi is a popular leader of the world, due to whose efforts the Ram temple will be ready in January and the whole country will visit it. Today the whole world is looking towards India. Our country is currently in the top five and will come to third place in the coming days. All this has happened because of the BJP government.

Gehlot has given MLAs freedom to loot
Raje said that CM Gehlot has given exemption to his MLAs. Loot a lot. Baran district has achieved the highest heights in this work in the state and Rajasthan in the country. The Abhay Command Centers which were opened by his government for the safety of women, were closed by this government. Due to this, crimes became uncontrolled in the state and the state became first in atrocities against women and Dalits.

Vasundhara’s two-day tour will be like this
Vasundhara Raje will be on a two-day visit to Kota division on November 9 and 10. Former BJP District President Sanjay Jain Tau said that regarding the assembly elections, former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje will hold elections in Jhalrapatan assembly on November 9. , will take night rest in Jhalawar via Banaur, Chanwali, Kalitalai, Suwans, Rajpur.

The schedule for November 10 is as follows
On November 10, former CM Dag passed through Bhilwadi, Pipliya, Garnavad, Ghatod, Suliya, Bhawanimandi, Guradiya Joga, Bhaisani, Mishroli, Silehgarh, Karawan, Pagaria, Guradiya Kalan, Harnavada, Dag, Rozhana, Gangdhar, Chaimhala, Talawali of Dag Assembly. After reaching Unhail, we will take night rest at Nageshwar. Former District President Jain said that Vasundhara Raje will talk to the workers and the general public during her visits.

Vasundhara Raje opened front against Congress
Former CM of the state Vasundhara Raje said that in five years, the land of thousands of farmers was confiscated, but the Ashok Gehlot government did not take care of the farmers. Vasundhara said that Congress had promised farmer loan waiver in its 2018 election manifesto. At that time Congress had not said that it would waive off the loans of only cooperative banks. Rahul Gandhi had also promised to waive off the loans. He also did not talk about being limited to cooperative banks only.

Breach of promise with farmers, public will teach a lesson
Raje, two-time CM of the state, said that the Congress government has broken its promise to the farmers. The farmers of the state will teach a lesson to Congress in the upcoming elections. BJP will go among the farmers on this issue in the assembly elections. Farmers will be asked what happened to the promise of loan waiver.

‘The protector is becoming the eater’
BJP leader Vasundhara Raje recently attacked CM Ashok Gehlot fiercely. Referring to the criminal incidents in Rajasthan, he said that incidents of violence against women have increased in Rajasthan. He has termed the Gehlot government as unsuccessful in controlling crime in the state. Vasundhara Raje even said that the state is first in the incidents of rape. The protectors are becoming the eaters in the state. Gehlot government has no right to sit on the chair.

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