VIDEO: Came by helicopter, landed on the ship, hijacked by saying ‘Allah Hu Akbar’. Houthis release video showing armed men hijacking Israeli-linked cargo ship in Red Sea

VIDEO: Came by helicopter, landed on the ship, hijacked by saying 'Allah Hu Akbar'

Houthi rebels hijacked the ship in a cinematic sequence

The cargo ship that has been hijacked by Houthi rebels is very cinematic in style. Such actions are often seen only in films but Houthi rebels have shown it on a moving ship in the middle of the sea. Yes, this video of the hijacking of the ship is actually from the Red Sea. Houthi rebels land from a helicopter on a ship moving in the Red Sea and then start firing while shouting ‘Allah Hu Akbar’.

After this, he moves ahead and goes to the cabin on the ship and asks the staff present there to surrender. Let us tell you that there were 25 people on this ship. Houthi rebels have released the video of hijacking of this ship on Houthi TV channel Al Mashirah. Houthi rebels claim that this hijacked ship is linked to Israel, but Israel has rejected this claim of Houthi rebels.

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British company’s ship, operated by Japan

Israel says that the Galaxy Leader ship kidnapped by Houthi militants is in the name of a British company and is being operated by Japan. Satellite tracking data has revealed the time when the ship was hijacked. It was traveling in the Red Sea south-west of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Then it was hijacked 150 kilometers away from Hodeida city of Yemen.

Israel wraps up Iran

However, information also came to light that the cargo ship belonged to an Israeli billionaire. Only after knowing this, perhaps the Houthi rebels sitting in Yemen attacked it. But actually the ship is registered in the name of a British company. Now this action of Houthi rebels has added fuel to the fire of Israel and Hamas. Israel has also called it a terrorist act by Iran and a very serious incident at the global level.

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Houthi rebels warned

However, Houthi rebels have said that this is just the beginning. Israel should now be prepared for many such attacks. Hamas has also said that like Houthi, all Islamic countries now need to unite against Israel and because this ship was taken on lease by Japan. Therefore, he has also shown a warlike attitude and said that the consequences of such an incident would be dire.

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