Why did more than 2 thousand people of Myanmar enter the Indian border? Gunfight going on, state on alert. Myanmar refugees cross over to Mizoram Zokhawthar gunfight between Myanmar army rebel outfits


Why did more than 2 thousand people of Myanmar enter the Indian border?  Gunfight going on, state on alert

War between army and rebels in Myanmar

Tension has increased between the junta army and militia PDF in Myanmar. After the firing between the two on Sunday evening, about two thousand people have crossed into the Indian border from Myanmar in the last 24 hours. Due to increasing tension in Myanmar, Mizoram is on high alert because the state (Chin) of Myanmar where this fighting is taking place is adjacent to Champhai of Mizoram.

Myanmar has carried out air strikes on rebel strongholds on the border with India. After this, high alert has been issued in Mizoram. The situation in Myanmar is worsening. Tension continued between the junta and PDF until Monday. Due to this tension, more than 2000 people from Khawmavi, Rikhawdar and neighboring villages of Chin came to India and took shelter in Jokhawthar of Champhai.

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One killed, 16 injured in Myanmar army shelling

16 people were injured in the firing by Myanmar Army while a 51 year old civilian died. The militia captured the military base located in Rikhawdar and Khawmawwi of Myanmar. During this period there was heavy firing also. In retaliation, Myanmar army carried out air strikes on Khawmavi and Rihkhawdar villages. At least 17 people were injured in this firing.

Migration started after the coup

This is the biggest crisis facing Myanmar’s military junta since the coup in 2021. After February 2021, more than 6000 people from Myanmar have taken shelter in Jokhawthar. Overall, about 32,000 people from Myanmar have taken shelter in different districts of Mizoram. These include men, women and children. Six districts of Mizoram (Champai, Siaha, Longtlai, Serchhip, Hnathiyal and Saitual) share a 510-km international border with Myanmar’s Chin State. Assam Rifles guards the India-Myanmar border.

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What is the People’s Defense Force (PDF)?

Let us tell you that the People’s Defense Force is a rebel organization. This organization has been continuously opposing the government established by the army in the country. PDF is the arm wing of the National Unity Government. PDF was formed on 5 May 2021 after the military coup. On February 1, 2021, Myanmar’s army took over the reins of the country and ousted the democratically elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi from power. Along with Aung San Suu, many big leaders of Myanmar were taken into custody.

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